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On the other hand, if you plan to have run Google Earth on two computers, with one computer displaying the overhead map view and the second displaying the map view, you will probably want to set up an HTTP server.This configuration regime probably sounds more complicated than it is.

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Download and unpack the archive (e.g., “gzcat gz | tar xf —” or whatever is appropriate in your environment).On Solaris (the development platform), compilation may be accomplished by changing your current working directory to the directory where you unpacked the distribution and typing “make.” On Apple OS X, use “make osx.” On Ubuntu Linux, the magic words are “make linux.” On Microsoft Windows, they are “make nt.” Other operating systems may require more elaborate incantations and possibly minor changes to the source code. Select Preferred Distribution As noted above, xplage is available in source and binary distributions.Each refresh cycle shifts the map in the direction of the flight path so as to keep the icon centered.The second KML file is used by Google Earth to display a perspective view of the terrain ahead of the simulated aircraft.In this view, the eye may be thought of as being directly in front of the airplane and pointing slightly downward.

Each refresh cycle repaints the perspective based on the simulated aircraft's roll and pitch orientation.Note that because the refresh rates of xplage and Google Earth are independent and asynchronous, these moving map images lag slightly behind the flight simulation.In effect, they represent still photo frames that capture the position of the aircraft a short time before they are displayed.Compiling the C Source Code The source distribution archive contains the code, a Makefile and a few helper scripts.No manual modifications should be necessary to produce an executable program on any of the tested operating system environments.Actually, if the KML files are being transmitted to the computer where Google Earth is running, Google Earth can read them directly from the local filesystem (the computer's disk).