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The Kenya Film Classification Board overstepped its jurisdiction in asking You Tube to remove a locally produced video addressing same-sex relationships, prohibiting a lesbian speed-dating event, and attempting to ban a podcast with alleged lesbian content.

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In November, Kenyan authorities postponed the closure of Dadaab camp by six months.

Kenya’s penal code prohibits “carnal knowledge against the order of nature,” generally understood as consensual sex between men, and “indecent practices between males.” Civil society organizations and activists filed two landmark constitutional petitions against these sections in April and June 2016, arguing that the laws violate constitutional rights, including the rights to equality and non-discrimination, human dignity, freedom and security of the person, privacy, and health.

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At the same time, Kenyan officials announced plans to close Dadaab refugee camp.

The government justified the closure of the camp on the grounds that terrorist attacks were mounted from Dadaab, without providing evidence.

Kenyan forces remain in Somalia as part of the African Union mission.