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Born in Portland, Jack started out as a jazz pianist but switched to guitar after seeing Elvis Presley perform on television.While attending Portland State University, he helped form the Kingsmen, who became the house band for a club owned by a local DJ.Soboty jsou tam vyhrazené pro komerční střelbu široké veřejnosti, a proto jsme akci museli přesunout na neděli, kdy máme celou střelnici sami pro sebe.Zázemí střelnice je neporovnatelně lepší než původní střelnice v Lázech.My band, "The Hustlers" opened for the "Kingsmen" in '63 or '64 when they made "Louie, Louie" a national hit..... My band "the Hustlers" had the regular gig at Skate-orama in Downey CA, when Arlan Sanders, the DJ would introduce the headliners each week.

We backed the Righteous Brothers, the Rivingtons, April and Nino Tempo, (a brother and sister act, Nino was Bobby Darin's sax player, Dick and De Dee, The Coasters, the Kingsmen and Terry Stafford, and the Beach Boys which is about as much as I can remember over fifty years ago.

It was a talent contest, and Lou then recorded his first hit, "There Ain't Nothin' in the world for a boy and a girl 'sept Love, Love, Love." also there were The Jumpin Jacks....

Don and Dewey, (I'm Leavin' it all up to You) and the Three Tons of Joy, and "Little Arthur Mc Daniels".

Finally, The Kingsmen was unaware that this was the final recording, thinking it to be a rehearsal. The lyrics are no dirtier than "havana moon"; not nearly as dirty as 1/2 the songs on Belafonte's "calypso" album..fact not as dirty as "fever" - in other words NOT LEWD AT ALL!

and they're not that hard to discern as the innocent love song lyrics that they are. I haven't heard the Kingsmen version in years but remember it clearly enough that Scott's lyrics are exactly as Jack Ely sang it. that's ridiculous on the order of "excuse me while I kiss this guy" or "I bury Paul"! (the FBI especially)Richard Berry did not write any dirty lyrics for his beloved Calypso styled love song.

Me see Jamaica moon above; It won’t be long me see me love.