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Chances are that any man you come across with a half-decent face only has two degrees of separation from you, one of which is probably your workmate whom he went on a date with and never called back.

Singapore has many attractions as a city, but abundant romance is definitely not one of them.

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This is what happens when you ask a local guy out.3. Or at least, they tend to have more experience with courting women, so they often make the first move.5.According to a friend of mine, local guys tend to follow certain moulds, created by a shared background in Junior College or Poly, followed by National Service, which is in turn followed by several other formulaic stages that are expected of young men here.For this reason, the women who fall outside of the norm - either who have had a wealth of international experiences, or who have never really fit in to the 'ideal' mould - tend to look for guys who are similar, the majority of whom are usually foreign.6.Foreign men, especially white ones, are highly sought after in Singapore.From my understanding and totally scientific research, the reasons seem to be:1.

Only a small minority of local men want to date foreign girls2. Foreign men tend to be more confident and direct about approaching women they don't know.This is not for lack of trying - Lady Iron Chef and The Smart Local have mastered the art of click-bait romanticism, and every second woman's Instagram is filled with super cute local caf├ęs to drag one's long-suffering bae to.However, I think what kills the romance - at least amongst the expat community - is a terrible affliction that I like to call This is a woeful situation in which 'Yellow Fever' and an inflamed ego combine to create a ghastly condition.There's something bittersweet about holding the gaze of the handsome stranger across the train car (and that's how you know it's real, because making eye contact on the tube is unacceptable otherwise).Unfortunately, unlike London, Singapore is nearly devoid of such bittersweet connections. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner.