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SEATTLE - - 8.75" lever qk adjust with rack teeth..

Pat 2-16-1917 by Wilbur Upson of Mansfield, Ohio and mfg by the Shelby Specialty Co, Shelby, Ohio.

All had an unfinished wooden handle and either a regular hex or square handle nut.

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CAL / PATENTED NOV 3, 1908 - - 10" wood handle qk adj rack wrench with extremely fine teeth and an unusual toggle nut and lever adjustment.

- PAT'D APRIL 22 - 1919 / KOKOMO, IND - - 8.25" All metal rack screw adj with a lever that raises the knurled nut off the rack teeth for quick adjustment. A couple had markings that were readable most were not.

The only thing I don't like about Henney is his voice.

Sagittarius Carson City, Michigan, United States Daniel Henney went to the Carson City-Crystal High School and graduated in 1998.

I love to see him in MNIKSS and for sure he looks so compatible with Jung Ryu Won (They look really good together in the CF as well).

I wanna see both of them play again together as a couple in another series..

QUICKSET - APRIL 22, 1919 QUICKSET - KOKOMO, IND - - 9" with same qk adj mechanism as above but on an auto type nut wrench. Unmarked Russell Machine C0 - - 8" wooden handle qk adj nut wrench which combines rack teeth for initial adj and a knurled nut and screw for fine adj. - Pat Jan 7, 02 - - 7.75" all metal unique adj with a spring loaded lower jaw and set screw.

As pointed out by Stan Schulz ,the patent text does refer to a "holding clutch". ATLAS - - 10.5" with as moveable upper jaw that can be adj to three different positions. A rare wrench in excellent condition with original nickel plating. qk adj pw with spring loaded lower jaw and rack adjustment. H & E WRENCH CO OF NEW BEDFORD, MASS / PAT MAR 27, 1923, etc.(with logo) - 10.25" Nut wrench version of the Handee Wrench. H & E WRENCH CO OF NEW BEDFORD, MASS USA / PAT MAR 27, 1923, etc.(with logo) - 10.25" Hex nut version of the Handee Wrench. H & E WRENCH CO OF NEW BEDFORD, MASS" / "PAT MAR 27, 1923, etc.(with logo) - - H & E's pipe wrench version of their Handee wrench.

See The Wrenching News Homepage for a list of other wrench auction catalogs and information on future wrench auctions. adjust with rack teeth similar to Wakefield wrench above.

Vern has a huge and varied collection of over 4,500 wrenches with outstanding examples in all categories of collectible wrenches and especially strong in cutout farm implement wrenches, IHC and related implement wrenchs (with over 200), quick adjust wrenches, early screw adjust wrenches, Crescent type wrenches from common to one of a kinds including many with various enhancements, wrenches from hardware companies such as Keen Kutter, Winchester, Shapleigh, etc., tools from the Buffum Tool Co.

and I'm also agree that he'd be quickly noticed in Hollywood because his acting is just great as a newcomer.. I've got to thank my sister for her foresight of buying the Korean Series "My name is Kim Sam-Soon". Does anyone know is he's decided to stay put in Korea for further projects? On if you search Maggie Q, it says that she is currently dating Daniel Henney.i dunno if this pic was already posted somewhere, but heres a pic of the both of them together.credits: yahoo search is not allowed anymore.us/img211/1482/dwxk5g2Edited by california LOVE, 01 February 2006 - AM. I think my eyes have been opened with a little bit of culture shock.