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Most things work very similarly to the way they do on Android, and I only had to sign in to Google once, after which I could use my i Phone as an authenticator - just as I do on Android - to sign in to any other Google product or service.

Sure, Siri can do a lot of the same things Google can (e.g., “where’s my car,” “tell me what song this is”), but there’s no doubt that Google just does a lot of this stuff better. That’s where the conversation ends for me - meaning I will be using Siri. Many of the people I text on a regular basis have i Phones, meaning I do tend be a heavier use of SMS than dedicated chat services.

Anyway, I guess I could use the Assistant app for i OS if I really wanted, but I can’t say I see that happening much. Switching to an i Phone means those conversations now support rich integration for media, web and app links, and (groan) animoji.

The truth of it is that they were really just glorified web browsers, video screens, and Kindle readers.

I didn’t communicate on them, I didn’t on them, and I certainly didn’t take them everywhere I went.

NAfter seven-plus years with Android, the i Phone certainly feels restrictive to me in some ways.

Still, it probably feels far less so today than it would have even a few years ago.

It’s only been a few days, and I plan to continue this experiment for a full month, but I already have many, many thoughts about the experience.

I plan to share those thoughts in a series of five posts (I promise, we’re not becoming the Apple Police) over that time, starting with this one, and culminating in a larger reflection on how the whole thing went.

Eventually, I decided to change that and bought myself an i Pad Air, and the next year an i Pad Air 2.

The i Pads introduced me to basic i OS conventions, but the way I used those devices was fairly different from the way you might use a smartphone.

On a fall day over eight years ago, I walked into an AT&T store in Davis, my college town, to see the i Phone 3GS.