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About recommendations to the National Agency for Education (2007): Oslo Town Council adopted an action plan in 2006, against discrimination of gays, lesbians and bisexuals, with a recommendation that Gaysir and Blikk should be available for Gymnasium students.

Karita Bekkemellem, who was the minister of Children and Equality Affairs on November 10, 2007, sent a letter to 13 big municipalities, where they were encouraged to make similar action plans as Oslo.

Known as ‘Dark Room’, the police operation revealed sexual assaults against children as young as babies, according to The Local.

On January 12 and 13, 2006 the Gaysir the redaction in Gaysir selected the power elite among openly gays and lesbians in Norway.

The winner was the chairman of the city council of Oslo, Erling Lae and the handball player Gro Hammerseng. Makttoppen) was also selected by the website in 2007, also then with Erling Lae topping the selection – this time accompanied by the then newly employed chief editor of Dagbladet, Anne Aasheim.

“The material shows, among other things, the penetration of toddlers, children being tied up, children having sex with animals and children having sex with other children.” All of the men arrested live in Norway, but police confirmed they were investigating one individual living abroad.

It is considered one of the largest sexual abuse cases ever in the country.

The Norwegian Prescription Database (Nor PD) contains data about dispensed drugs in Norway.

You can find information about the users of a particular drug or drug class. For more information about the Nor PD, see the website for The Norwegian Institute of Public Health.This website again linked to Gaysir and Blikk (monthly newspaper for gays, lesbians and bisexuals).Trondheim municipality said they did not want to expose a link that lead to pages that could be offensive.Prayer and Action Against the Selected Power Elite (2006): The power elite selection in 2006 received a lot of attention.Jan-Aage Torp, a Norwegian pastor in the Pentecostal congregation Oslokirken, said to the Christian newspaper Norge IDAG that he recommended Christians to use the selections (Makttoppen) as a target for prayer to get the people in the selection removed from their professions.The deputy mayor of Trondheim, Knut Fagerbakke (SV), arranged it so that the link was put back up.