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For example the start date is 8/14/2015 in Cell A2, and the expiration period is 3 months, here I will guide you to calculate the expiration date as follows: 1.

This is how you dating excel spreadsheet date in Excel.Quite often, Excel formats the newly inserted date according to your Windows default date settingsbut sometimes it may leave it exactly as you typed.Back to top Click the Home tab, click Import, and select the type of file that you want to import.For more detail about importing, see the specific steps for a Microsoft Excel file, a Project file, a Google spreadsheet, or a Trello board.If you import an Excel sheet or Google Spreadsheet that uses a formula that isn't supported in Smartsheet, an #UNPARSEABLE error will appear in place of the formula.

For more information about formulas in Smartsheet, see Using Formulas.

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See how to insert today's date and current time as static time stamp or dynamic values, how to auto populate a column or row with weekdays, and how to auto fill random dates in Excel. Why is there nothing in the pyramid, except a broken sarcophagus missing its lid? Please I am trying to use excel as a time sheet for HR. April 21, at 6: October 26, at 8: From pretending to be an Israeli spy to burning down an ex's parents' housethere's no shortage of press coverage when it comes to dating sociopaths in the financial industry.

Back to top A new sheet is created in Smartsheet with the imported data.

Only the first (left-most) worksheet tab of an Excel workbook will be imported.

Microsoft Excel is an integral part of most businesses.