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I know I can preview it others ways, but it'd save me a lot clicking time and make it so I can get through that list quicker (cause no matter how many times I go through it, there's always a piece I forget about : D) First off, very good addon, no doubt about that.:) I just want to ask if the ability to save some of the gear you look at in sets like the Mog It addon does are in the plans for the future? I seriously love the changes, however if i can say the filters if you aren't already thinking of this should work v.i.a. I was looking for the different possible gadgets that I could have, but the way it is set up makes it difficult.

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I am not a coder but i think the issue is that mount flairs have to be consumed to view them.Anywho there's the idea maybe an actual coder can make it work, I wanted to view flairs in game because I want to know which I need to stress over to get and others I can pass until the moment arrives.Yes, that's because of the high amount of items in those categories.I already have a fix that's working, but I'm waiting until I finish the filter system to release it. Hi, The version I uploaded is tagged for the correct version and fixed all Play Sound issues.

Is it possible to add an option to this addon to make it sort alphabetically?

I ended up with some optimizations that should help with some of the issues outlined below.

It's possible that they aren't useful and that the problems have already been resolved in thus-far unreleased code, but I'm letting you know anyway just in case.

Sorry author and new editor but I can't wait, i'm not spoiled but it might never happen, as far as new content and working in the future well i don't know whats awaiting this addon but I do appreciate and love the original author for taking this task on I wish the other options worked and it seems like a huge project but its easily one of the TOP best addons for this game.

Thank you both either way, hope this doesn't piss anyone off but aye its working for me and I get to enjoy this hard work again.

May take a few attempts to register the outfits, I guess.