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But it is a worse violation of the marimé code for a Roma female to marry a gadjo, because Roma women are the guarantors for the survival of the population.

He or she is expected to marry someone within their particular tribe and most Roma conform by marrying within their group.

Even with respect to other Roma, permissible marriage choices may be restricted.

First, there are prolonged discussions between the parents, particularly over the amount of the darro, or dowry.

This is a sum meant to compensate for the potential earning power of the bori, or daughter-in-law, who has been taken from her family to join that of her new in-laws.

Many Roma tribes still maintain the institution of bride price.

This is a payment made by the family of the groom to the family of the bride.Marriage signifies a change in position of the married couple in Roma society as full and productive members of the community. The customs and rituals for engagements and marriages described here are traditional and vary for the many Roma tribes around the world.Engagements In spite of myths of Roma immorality, most Roma follow strict rules of sexual behavior.The first step in contemplating marriage is the selection of the bride.In many parts of the world, this is done just as it would be done in non-Roma society.Roma expect females to be virgins when they marry and to remain faithful to their husbands until death.