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“I understand that in some ways it’s easier to live alone,” Phil says.

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Intentional community is a term defining a group of people living together intentionally with the idea to form and promote community,” he explains.

Inspired by urban ecology and cohousing projects in the US and Denmark, Phil’s commitment to cohousing is pure and first hand, stemming from 25 years in a rural intentional community cooperative near Seymour, north of Melbourne.

He suggests learning to live alongside each other now could help us as a society to work on that.

“Buying big houses on a big property with no community infrastructure doesn’t provide what people need.” He said Australia was yet to fully embark on the cohousing journey, unlike the US, which has more than 470 cohousing projects, and Denmark, which now has well-established intentional communities which formed in the 1960s. Image by meridian construction co “Cohousing in the form of medium density urban living is relatively new in Australia,” he explains. We’re an embryonic group, it’s still relatively early days.

Classically, Polyfidelitous groups are sexually exclusive and do not engage in sexual relations outside the group.

However, there are some group marriages which are "open," and which do allow for outside eromances.He explains that increasingly, people are living in single person dwellings in our cities.Some by choice, including young professionals working long hours and want the space and escapism of their own apartment at the end of the day.One of the most popular styles of Polyamory is Polyfidelity. In Polyfidelity, groups of three or more partners consider themselves essentially married to each other.They usually live together in a single home and share their lives and resources such as married couples do.In the open marriage style relationships in which the members who consider themselves committed life partners nonetheless permit outside, sexual, romantic and loving relationships outside the marriage in a way that is agreed upon by the marital partners.