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In Africa, it is not a criminal offence for someone to be pregnant for somebody. She can never come to me, she has already gone to the blogger; she can never come to me.” To buttress her point, she said that Burna Boy just released a new video during the week and it is enjoying massive airplay.

If somebody says that she is pregnant for somebody and the person refuses to accept it, you look for his family instead of tagging a blogger. She added that the Nigerian music industry is one in which ladies always accuse young men of being responsible for their pregnancies.

Ma quando, più o meno, c'è stata la metamorfosi e Ambra è diventata quella che conosciamo tutti? Si vede che Boncompagni ha visto in lei una potenziale peperina e ha suggerito di provare a fare "l'antipatica"... Secondo me Ambra voleva ridere e divertirsi ma le hanno appioppato un ruolo da divetta che magari non era così necessario. ;-) Gen is a free online Facebook Video Downloader.

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