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It has a vibrant, raspberry fruit, with a medium body and light tannins.

A very quaffable wine, to go with meaty pasta dishes perhaps.

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This recipe story was originally shared in August 2010 and is one of our most popular recipes.By request of our readers, we’re re-sharing the story with updated info about our favorite fish sauce, new image and a few recipe updates for easier reading.And it’s really pretty when you have the different colors of the stem and green leaves. The rest of the staff agreed, “Yes little Sister, that sounds good, we’ll have to try that. I actually had the 12 best-chicken-salad-makers agree with me! In fact during the recipe testing on this salad, we tested 7 different fish sauces. But for overall general cooking and for this Vietnamese chicken salad recipe, we like using: –There are many variations of this fabulous and classic Vietnamese Chicken Salad.And I like the flavor and char of bbq chicken instead of boiled chicken. Thank Tot for us.” Then the nail shops continues humming with the regular sounds, as if there were no distractions. The salad can be especially pleasing with different textures and flavors ranging from fried shallots, roasted peanuts, fried garlic and picked onions to different Vietnamese herbs such as mint, basil or the classic rau ram (Viet coriander).Then I decided to add my own chicken recipe salad into the fun conversation and spoke up in Vietnamese, “I put napa cabbage in my salad and I BBQ my chicken instead of boiling it! The nail drills came to a halt, the 12 Vietnamese voices dropped dead silent. I felt empowered and respectfully blurted in one long breathless Vietnamese sentence, “Yes sister Vicky! ” (out of respect, we all call each other sisters). Mom didn’t try to tell me how to make my recipe better.

Vicky (aka Phuong) breaks the silence, ” You do what? “I like napa cabbage because I like the delicate crunch and soft textures of the lacy leaves. I felt accepted as a bonafied Vietnamese home cook. I still think my chicken salad recipe is great and we’re all winners! There are several brands we prefer for different types of dishes.

They decided to add more to their service just to stay longer. I started getting flashbacks from when I was a kid in trouble, trying to figure out if I should lie or just tell the truth.

Mom was excited that business was bustling because of chicken salad talk. Then I realized I was an adult, a 30-something Vietnamese-American woman who is dating a cattle ranch white-guy.

When it comes to food-talk, everyone has a strong opinion about how a dish is prepared. So there were 12 best-chicken-salad-makers in one nail shop, at one time. This nail shop is way too small to have 12 BEST-CHICKEN-SALAD-MAKERS.

With 12 women hailing from different regions of Viet-Nam and with different flavor preferences, there’s never a dull moment. It’s one thing to have 12 best eye-brow-waxers and 12 best-mani/pedi-curers in town, but for some reason, having 12 best cooks working within the same walls doesn’t garner the same camaraderie.

Customers were drawn into the conversation, often wondering if the staff was smack-talking the customers’ hairy eyebrows.