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A tiny magnetic mount lets you clip the camera onto and off its windscreen pad in seconds.Traffic camera alerts flashing up on the screen were a useful feature, as was the front collision avoidance warning.

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Once that’s done you can pretty much forget it’s there, especially if you have it professionally wired into your car’s electrics.Daylight footage was excellent thanks to the Sony Exmoor R Starvis sensor at the heart of the device.But the lane departure warnings only seemed to kick in when we were heading off down motorway slip roads.The fun Travelapse feature means you can condense hours of recording down into a speeded-up movie, which you can then store and keep as a reminder of a memorable journey.It can even tell you if queuing traffic ahead has started moving.

We found it didn’t run entirely smoothly with the Apple software, but it worked fine with an Android tablet.To remove the camera you just slide it to the side until it unclips.As there’s no screen you need to download Thinkware’s app to rotate the lens into the correct position.Voice control means you can save video clips of incidents or grab a photo of a scene without taking your hands off the wheel to fiddle with the four buttons down the side of the unit.The quality of the 1080p footage was excellent and we loved the neat “action camera” looks, while the Garmin VIRB app made it easy to view images using the built-in wi-fi.Crash-for-cash crimes are costing UK drivers an estimated £340m every year, bumping up insurance premiums for everyone.