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Neglecting to do this can result in complete breakage or cracks.

This ensures that they won't be as likely to become loose or chip, either.

If that happen, though, there are remedies to fix the problem.

Keep a close lookout for redness or peeling, as these can be signs of contact dermatitis, which may result from a reaction to the chemicals used when applying acrylics.

If your nails simply don't seem to handle acrylics well, discontinue use and opt for regular manicures instead - these look just as becoming but require far less upkeep!

SIX years ago, Leigh-Anne Pinnock was working as a waitress in her local Pizza Hut.

Now she's part of one of the world's most successful girl bands.But staying on top of them and ensuring that they always look their best is a priority if you want to take advantage of them.Acrylic nails are bonded to the original nail with a mixture of nail glue, acrylic powder and liquid mixture.Other options include the slightly tamer American tip, solid colors or vivacious, airbrushed designs. Needless to say, such precise application methods from the manicurist demand a bit of maintenance on the wearer's part, too.In order to enjoy those acrylics in their best possible state, the nails must be taken care of on a regular basis.The nails are shaped with a file, buffed to shine and coated with clear nail polish.